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Meet the Joes

Eric Ruthenberg

Average Joe Eric is a trained musician, but a geek at heart.  He directs the Concord NH chapter, the Concord Coachmen, and was a high school chorus director for 13 years.  He currently fixes computers and handles other geeky matters at the MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, MA. 


Eric's hobbies are photography and arranging music.  Having been the tallest baritone in Overdrive for many years, he is very excited to be in the Average Joes as its shortest tenor.  He currently lives in Merrimack, NH with his above average wife, Becca.

Matt Mercier

Average Joe Matt is a lifelong Barbershopper, having begun his singing career with the Nashua NH Granite Statesmen at the tender age of 16. Since then he's sung in several notable quartets including Potential Favorites, From the Heart, New Day, Northeast Connection and most recently Club.406. He was, in no uncertain terms, the tallest tenor in each (Thanks Eric). Matt currently sings with the Mighty, Mighty Coachmen of Concord NH.

Matt is a entrepreneur who owns and operates a technology consulting and services company, deals in real estate, and owns three Unfranchises.

Matt loves to play (at) golf, enjoys an occasional poker game, and lives in Hooksett NH with his far, far above average wife Gina, their dog Dunklee and their cat Rajah.

Marc Rosenbaum

Average Joe Marc is proud to be the newest and most attractive member of the quartet. Marc is a second generation barbershopper and grew up singing tags in the backseat of the family car. Sometimes there were even people sitting with him! 

In recent years, Marc has been an active member of the Northeastern Districtís barbershop community, singing Tenor with the quartet Sing City and Bari with Inside Track. Marc is also a former Baritone section leader of the Nashua Granite Statesmen.

Marc holds a B.A. in Music from Skidmore College and has sung with a number of all-male a cappella groups including the Skidmore Bandersnatchers (yes, thatís really the name) and the Multi-Colored Ties from Northport, NY.

Marc builds nerdy mobile apps for a living and lives in Sudbury, MA with his beautiful wife and 3 young kids. In his spare time, Marc enjoys changing diapers and figuring out where that smell is coming from.

Kirk Young

Average Joe Kirk sings bass in the quartet. Kirk is a Barbershopper of vast experience, having even worked at the Barbershop Harmony Society headquarters as a Music Specialist.

Kirk has had a rich quartet career, starting with the Management, with whom he won his first Northeastern District Championship. Kirk also sang with Matt in Club.406. Kirk is an accomplished arranger and a Certified Music Category Judge in the Barbershop Harmony Society. Kirk is on the Board of Review for that category.

Kirk is a Music Educator in Tilton NH Where he lives with his beautiful and far above average family; His beautiful wife Heather and sons Conner and Eric.



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